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Fleming Financial Services

Expert tax preparation and

financial help for 

individuals and businesses

Need Help with Your Payroll? We are Here For You...

Payroll Services include:

  • Compute periodic payroll
  • Withhold all taxes
  • Withhold all additional payments (401k, etc.)
  • Periodic payroll information to be e-mailed or faxed
  • Checks processed within two days of receipt of information
  • Checks to be at your office the day after processing
  • Payroll can be Direct Deposited
  • Periodic payroll reports provided upon request
  • Periodic payments of:
  • Federal and State Withholding Tax
  • Federal and State Unemployment Tax
  • All additional payments
  • Periodic filing of:
  • Federal and State Withholding Tax
  • Federal and State Unemployment Tax
  • Annual Federal and State Withholding Tax reporting including W-2s and 1099s

 Standard Payroll Rates:

  • Set-Up Charge

  • $125 for every 5 employees
  • Requires current W-4s and I-9s
  • Year-to-date payroll reports
  • Ongoing Charge (for every 5 employees)
  • Weekly payroll is $75 per month
  • Bi-Weekly or semi-monthly payroll is $60 per month
  • Monthly payroll is $50 per month
  • Direct Deposit
  • $1.05 per paycheck, per payroll period

Additional Information:

  • Set-Up charges are due in advance

  • Ongoing charges will be billed monthly
  • Seperate payroll checking account should be established